(Re)connect with alumni and current students virtually over Slack

Swarthmore Business Network

(Re)connect with alumni and current students virtually over Slack


Alumni can sign up for Slack with an alumni email address:

Current students can request access using this Google Form:

Alumni Email Address

Claim your @alum.swarthmore.edu email address in the alumni portal under the “Email Forwarding” tab:  

If you have successfully setup email forwarding and claimed your alumni email but are still having trouble accessing Slack, please reach out to a Digital Organizer directly.


The Swarthmore Business Network is a resource for members of the Swarthmore College community to meet like-minded business-focused professionals. Expand your network, identify job opportunities, evaluate career decisions, and enhance working relationships. 


This is an unofficial community managed by volunteer alumni. 


Built for organization and productivity, Slack is a great platform for communities to connect virtually. 


Use it in the browser or download the app to your desktop or phone.


Start a public discussion by posting a message in a channel


Use the search box to
find content that interests you

Direct Messages:

Talk privately in a direct
message or group chat


Add to discussions in message threads


Join any of the following channels. Use the search box to find new channels to join:


  • #job-seekers
  • #jobs-opportunities
  • #linkedin
  • #mentor-match
  • #news-and-events
  • #resume-portfolio
  • #self-promotions
  • #students


  • #arts-and-culture
  • #commerce
  • #education
  • #finance-economics
  • #healthcare
  • #legal
  • #politics-and-government
  • #tech


  • #investing-and-fundraising
  • #activism
  • #business-school
  • #diversity-equality-inclusion
  • #entrepreneurship
  • #self-care-and-productivity
  • #startups-and-innovation
  • #sustainability


Can I create a channel?

Yes, discuss your channel idea with an Admin and we will create it for you.

Can Admins see my private messages?

No, Admins do not have access to your direct messages or group chats.

Can I alert the entire community with a message?

No, this could be bothersome for other community members. The @channel and @everyone commands have been disabled. Simply posting your message in a channel is enough.

How do I know which channel is right for my message?

Read the channel descriptions. Click on the channel name in the left sidebar; then click on the ‘information’ button in the top toolbar.

Digital Organizers

These alumni help manage the community on Slack. Reach out to them if you would like to get more involved.

Rachel Winchester (’17)

Slack Admin & Website Designer

Eric Levin (’17)

Slack Admin

Rob Steelman (’92)

Slack Admin

Graham Lesko (’17)

Slack Admin

Emilio Garza (’16)

Slack Admin

Mylo Gray (’17)

Slack Admin

Emily Wu (’17)

Slack Admin

More Connections


Join the Swarthmore Business Network LinkedIn group

In-Person Events

Regional gatherings will resume when it is safe to do so. If you are interested in organizing an event in your city in the future, contact a digital organizer.


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