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Unlike in-person Collections happening on campus, Virtual Collections give students and alumni the ability to participate from anywhere in the world, search through an archive of contributions, and read what people wrote in the past.

Only attendance at the First Collection during orientation is required of students. Afterwards, weekly Collections occur in the Friends Meeting House on campus. Then, Last Collection happens at the end of senior week right before graduation. Additionally, there’s a Collection every Alumni weekend. 

Read more about Swarthmore College’s Collections at the Interfaith Center

We encourage participation from all alumni and current students, whether you’ve been active in the community or not. Many Swatties haven’t attended a Collection since their orientation. Virtual Collections give you the opportunity to share your stories and insights anywhere and at any time. 



Share a personal story or insight using the Google Form below. Use these prompts to help write your contribution:

  • Do you have a story to share that can impact a fellow alum or current student?
  • What do you wish you had said at your Last Collection?
  • How has your Swarthmore degree grown with you?


If someone’s post resonates with you, reach out to that person to connect. You can also reach out to a Digital Organizer to privately request the contact info for that person, if available. 


Use the Google Form below to submit your story to this year’s virtual collections